FeaLite Nasal Pillows System BMC-PM

Less Weight, More Comfort
FeaLiteĀ® is much lighter than general nasal masks. It is quieter and offers minimal contact to the face, providing a more comfortable experience and making therapy easy to accept.

Best fit angle on pillows
Adjustable pillows provides the most comfortable angle and maintains stability

360o rotatable elbow
Flexible tube position makes minimal effect to sleep

Face matching headgear

Anti-choke vent design
Provides fail-safe operation

Diffuse vent hole
Gentle and quiet exhaust

Dual direction adjustable headgear
Ensure the most comfort and stability

Packed with 3 sizes pillows – S, M, L
Simplify the purchase
Light and soft tube retainer
Provides stable use regardless of tube orientation
Breathing Headgear
Ventilative fabric ensures comfort throughout the night

Manufacturer: BMC Medical Co., Ltd. NOTE: specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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