Medical compressor VA10A is the source of clean, dry compressed air free from oil traces for medical ventilators. It can be used as a primary source of air or an automatic stand-by source for the case of a failure of the central source in the medical establishment.

With its superior pressure and flow characteristics, the VENTIAIR compressor ensures a constant, clean, dry compressed air supply for medical ventilators. With wheels, the VENTIAIR compressor becomes a mobile, standalone device for other medical applications.







Technical Specifications

Nominal voltage and frequency

220 VAC+/- 10% 50/60Hz

Compressor efficiency

55 l.min–1/ 3,5 bar

Air tank capacity

2 lit.

Peak flow at pressure 3 bar

200 l.min–1/ 3 bar

Filtration of air

5 µm



Dew point depression at 40 Lit.min-1, 20°C

5°C under the ambient temperature

Outlet connection

DISS 1160-A (3/4"-16 UNF)

Mode of the operation


Automatic Back-up to central pipeline

on request

Noise level

≤49 dB [A]

Dimensions (l x b x h)

380 x 400 x 470 mm

Dimensions (l x b x h)- with castors

380 x 400 x 575 mm


40 kg

Weight with wheels

42 kg


  • Triple Moisture Removal

  • Medical grade air according to ISO 8573

  • Triple Filter System

  • Low-cost operation and minimal maintenance requirements

  • Quiet performance suitable for use in any ICU